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Thom Tate was a young boy living in Kitty Hawk, NC when Orville and Wilbur Wright set up camp for their experiments in manned flight.  His curiosity was boundless, but his father told him that he couldn't just hang out at their camp and be a pest. He needed to have a reason to be there. So he went fishing. He knew they had to eat.  The coast of the Outer Banks was teeming with fish and Thom Tate knew how to catch them. The Wright Brothers were so impressed with his presentation that they photographed him with the first fish he hauled to their camp. Thom Tate went on to be the first test pilot for the Wright Brothers' early glider experiments in the dunes of Kitty Hawk.  The photo that Wilbur took is the basis of this wonderful sculpture and is a part of the Smithsonian Collection today.

"Now can I stay?"

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