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If you are old enough to remember the Three Mile Island Nuclear crisis, then you probably know about Harold Denton. Harold was the Director of the Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation at the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission.  President Jimmy Carter sent Mr. Denton to the site as his personal representative.  He was a brilliant man who went beyond the mathematics of the potential disaster to conclude that the reactor would not melt down. No one believed him.  They, of course, feared the consequences of being wrong.  Harold believed so strongly in his conclusions, that he towed a camping trailer to the Nuclear site and lived in it throughout the crisis.  President Carter had a direct telephone line to the White House wired into the trailer to communicate with him.  Bottom line?  Harold Denton saved nuclear power in this country.  Next time you casually flip on a light...think of Harold Denton.


This piece was commissioned by the family of Harold Denton and a copy of the sculpture also resides in the Public Library in Rocky Mount, NC where the Denton family lived for many years.

Harold Denton, The Savior of Three Mile Island

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