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All about commissioning a sculpture with David

So, you are thinking about commissioning a sculpture.  That's great!  The process is very straight-forward and I want you to be as involved as you like.  


The process goes like this:

        - First, I will ask you to gather pictures of each person or animal that will appear in the sculpture. It's always great if you have a picture that represents what you would like for the sculpture to look like, but it isn't necessary. The best pictures are several of each person from different angles so that we can better capture the expressions and facial features. Don't worry if you don't have many pictures. I have worked from just one picture many times, but the more you can provide the better. If you only have one or two, I will rely on you or someone you choose to provide feedback as the sculpture progresses, to assist in getting the likeness correct. Some people are reluctant to provide honest feedback to the artist, but I want to assure you that this is your sculpture and I want it to be what you envision, so I welcome all feedback throughout the process.

        - Next we have an in-depth discussion about who will be in the sculpture and why.  I want to get to know a little about everybody so that I can capture the character of each participant. 

        - At this point, I will provide you with a price quote for the creation of your one-of-a-kind sculpture. We will also establish a projected delivery date for the final sculpture.

        - Once we have agreed on the price and the pose you want, it's time to get started!  Getting started begins with a deposit of one third of the total price of the project.  This deposit is used to purchase materials and supplies and therefore is non-refundable once work begins on your sculpture.

        - Now I begin to sculpt the clay original.  As the work progresses, I will provide pictures to show progress.  If you would like more updates than I am providing, you are welcome to reach out to me any time.  Visits to the studio are also welcome, as long as you call first to schedule the visit.  

        - When the sculpting is complete on the clay original, you will have one final opportunity to request changes and give approval of the sculpture as created.  At this point, a second payment equal to one third of the total price will be due.


        - Once the second payment is received, we will proceed with making molds for casting the final sculpture.  If the sculpture is to be cast in bonded bronze, the final castings will be created from these molds.  If the sculpture is to be cast in foundry bronze, the molds created at this stage will be sent to the foundry for the lost-wax casting process.

        - When the final casting(s) have been removed from their molds, final finishing will be done and the sculpture will be mounted on a suitable base, provided by the artist and agreed upon by you. Generally, this base will be some type of hardwood, usually walnut or maple, finished appropriately to the sculpture itself.

        - That's it!  You are ready to take delivery of your sculpture!  I encourage pick-up from my studio, but shipping is always available and will be quoted separately from the sculpture.


I know you probably have questions.  I am available during the listed studio hours to take your call, or you can email me at  I look forward to hearing from you.

                                                     Contact me today and let's create something special!

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